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#1 Monday 3rd September 2007 14:32:36

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Which Advanced course?

Hello everyone.
I've been an ADI for nearly 2 years now and feel I want to tackle an Advanced course but I have no idea which would be the best one. I'm in Leeds and would need to stay close to home. Any help and advice appreciated.


Monday 3rd September 2007 14:32:36

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Re: Which Advanced course?

#2 Monday 3rd September 2007 17:39:56

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Re: Which Advanced course?

This is something that comes up time and time again, perhaps we should keep this as a sticky at the top of the section?

It really comes down to why you want to do an advanced test.

The 4 main tests available to ADI's are...  Cardington, DIA Special, IAM and RoSPA.  Cardington & DIA Special are based on the DSA syllabus and the IAM and RoSPA tests are based on Roadcraft.  The DIA Advanced is of a similar standard to the ADI part 2, so I wouldn't bother considering that one.

The Cardington & DIA Special tests are very relevant if are going to remain teaching learners.  If, however, you wish to move into Fleet training, then perhaps the IAM or RoSPA tests would be more relevant.


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#3 Monday 3rd September 2007 21:14:02

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Re: Which Advanced course?

As Nigel say's this topic comes up time and time again so I have made it a sticky, which is why Yasmin's post has been edited wink



#4 Monday 3rd September 2007 22:12:15

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Re: Which Advanced course?

Just to add, with RoSPA test you have to be retested every 3 years, so you have to keep up your standards, with IAM it's for life.
so you can decide what's better /easier.

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#5 Tuesday 4th September 2007 09:56:38

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Re: Which Advanced course?

Thank you very much everyone! I'll investigate the DIA or Cardington first and see where that leads me. smile


#6 Wednesday 2nd July 2008 06:59:17

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Re: Which Advanced course?

Yasmin. There are two basic approaches when considering the advanced route, bearing in mind that the current EU definition of 'advanced' is anything above the standard driving test, such as Pass Plus. Clearly these sorts of courses are not truely in the advanced sector and therefore it is a complete misnomer that they are so categorised.

The two approaches are firstly those courses which have evolved from the standard DSA Driving Test, such as Diamond. And judging from police driving instructors I have spoken with that probably includes Cardington as well.  Bear in mind that the standard driving test is a basic test and much be seen to be unscrupulously fair across some 58 million people and very many cultures.  In  this respect it does the job very well and the very inflexible faults marking system fits this need excellently. This is the easiest and in some ways the most logical route for ADIs to follow but the downside is that these tests do not generally accept the lateral positioning concepts which are an essential part of a proper advanced test.

Secondly are those courses which have evolved from Roadcraft and the Police Drivng Schools direction, such as RoSPA and IAM. In these safety is the prime mover and lateral positioning (as opposed to londitudonal positioning, such as the following and hold-back positions) is an essential part of this. In these he approach to assessment  is far more flexible.  In my experience ADIs often have an issue with the far more fluid approach needed for proper advanced driving, It really is quite a different mind-set., which is obviously why many stick to the DSA evolved tests.

The diference between IAM and RoSPA is, in simple terms, IAM (and I have been training officer for both organisations, though at different times) is a one hit job. You can take your advanced test at 21, for example, and go all though your driving life without ever having another assessment and maintain your membership providing you don't have serious points on your licence. I believe that generally a three points on is not an issue.  RoSPA requires re-testing every year for Bronze and every three years for either Silver or Gold, as such it generally tends to attract people who want more depth of understanding.  It is also the route to the RoSPA Diploma which is an industry recognised level of advanced driving instruction, again re-tested every three years.

If, as is often the case, you just want some letters after your name for professional kudos, then get them all.

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#7 Monday 20th July 2009 09:28:58

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Re: Which Advanced course?

Having done ROSPA,IAM and the Dia Special test,the one I recommend would be the ROSPA Advanced Test.Only because you do an refresher test every 3 years or so.Followed by the DIA Special Test which I thought was as tough as the ROSPA.The IAM was probably the easiest to pass especially for an ADI,just drive to the standard of the Part 2 Test.

Cardington???? Thats the only one left for me to do but really don't think its worth it. It'd be great if you could get the the Police Class 1 Advanced Driving Qualification.Pity there's is no civillian organisation that the Home Office allow to do training courses/tests to gain this qualification.


#8 Monday 8th February 2010 16:14:42

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Re: Which Advanced course?

I've been qualified as an ADI for only 5 months or so.  I'd like to sit the DIA Special test and just wondered if it's the kind of thing I need any extra training for?  As an ADI I'm pretty clear on what constitutes a driving fault as defined by the DSA.  On this basis, providing I practise hard, could I just book it, turn up, and sit it?   Or am I being too simplistic?  Any thoughts welcome....   Thanks

Paul Cook, ADI, Grade 5, DIAmond Special Test


#9 Tuesday 9th February 2010 00:45:17

on board training

Re: Which Advanced course?


For most driving instructors, it would be foolishg to turn up for any test without additional training. Let's face it no matter what level you are currently at, then you could be better with additional training.

I have met very few qualified ADIs who couldn't do with a brush up on their own driving.

When did you last properly give 100% and practice to your driving. Most think they are better than they actually are.


#10 Tuesday 9th February 2010 11:04:46

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Re: Which Advanced course?

Maybe we should add that some of these test's require some commentary which is usually a new thing for an ADI and so practice/training may be needed for that.

For the diamond advanced & special I taught myself. For the IAM I had an hour with one of their senior observers who told me I was a better driver than him and to go in for the test.  ROSPA was a nightmare for me - I went with one of their observers who was absolutely useless and totally confused me by continuing to give me contradicting advice that made no sense (he told me to overtake a cyclist, I said I couldn't as I was already doing the 30mph limit, and he said it was OK for me to go over the speed limit to overtake and I would fail the test if I didn't!) I then managed to get a 2 hour driving lesson with a class 1 police driver who helped me immensely, and I wouldn't have got gold without his help (the frustrating thing was I basically went back to the way I was driving before I started with the Rospa observer!).

Hope that helps


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#11 Wednesday 25th August 2010 19:39:41

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Re: Which Advanced course?

The IAM test is done only once but there is nothing to stop members from having as many free assessment drives they want to with an observer
There is also the £25 option of having an assessment drive with an examiner.

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