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#1 Friday 23rd July 2010 23:14:41

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On-line Risk Assessment, Driver Training & Monitoring

How many Fleet Instructors use on line systems to help with fleet work and how good are they? I am looking for the best, most cost effective system to add to my options list for clients. I would welcome feedback about cost per driver and how effective/easy to use (and produce management reports from) these systems are?

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Friday 23rd July 2010 23:14:41

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Re: On-line Risk Assessment, Driver Training & Monitoring

#2 Saturday 24th July 2010 07:53:51

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Re: On-line Risk Assessment, Driver Training & Monitoring

Hi, Most drivers i have assessed have already completed an assessment via
You can buy bulk packages of access/passwords at a discounted price and then you invoice the client after, which is fine if you can fork out a few grand for a while until it's paid back. Personally i would direct the client to access the training package themselves. From then on they can arrange themselves for new employees to take the assessments and give an indication of their risk.

The thing is, nothing will beat a realtime on road assessment to judge someones ability or risk level.

However the above is a good way of introducing a client into training and arousing interest, especially if they show up as a 'high risk' driver.

Just my own opinion of course. Also i have not had direct dealings with the above, just meeting clients who have just completed the online stage of their training.


#3 Sunday 25th July 2010 17:17:16

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Re: On-line Risk Assessment, Driver Training & Monitoring

As adi said seem to be the bench mark, we are trying to construct our own system but its a big commitment time wise and  progress is rather slow but am sure we will get there one day.


#4 Monday 26th July 2010 05:02:23

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Re: On-line Risk Assessment, Driver Training & Monitoring

I have sat through more than a few of these on-line RA's (working as a trainer, it makes sense to know what the delegates have gone through prior to meeting me) and find them overblown and inadequate.
Some go into the realms of psychological and behavioural profiling but I have seen not one that is robust enough to satisfy anyone with an "O-level" in Behavioual Science.
There is no check and cross-check structure that validates delegate responses. Without this the RA cannot be held up as reliable and valid - delegate responses are skewed towards the "I'll answer it the way they want me to answer/sanitise it" (e.g what response would the average driver give to "how often would you say you feel drowsy at the wheel? Once per week ... Daily ...."  If he/she feels the job is at stake?)

I'd urge anyone considering getting involved in on-line RA's to think of the fleet manager in the office with his finger on the pulse. I.e he knows what drivers he has, their age and driving qualifications, experience and training records, mileage and territory covered and vehicle driven.  He also has a system in place that checks, rechecks and records endorsements, crashes, fuel consumed (look out for the heavy right foot.) Stay, therefore, with HARD facts, stage one.

On the softer HR side of things, he encourages drivers and buddies to shout up about life-changing stressful events such as work/home pressures, moving house, family illness, bereavement, divorce since these things can have a massive effect on a driver's outcomes. A single on-line RA has no chance to pick up such life-changing events.  (finger on the pulse)

The biggest problem with on-line RA's can be that companies see them as a cheap way out of their duty of care and do little else to change the state of their fleet and improve outcomes and reduce fleet costs.  Such a shallow/short term approach to managing occupational road risk is bound to rely heavily on chance rather than on good management and in my book does not, on its own, qualify as management commitment to MORR which is the key to success.

Problem is, the national training companies lead the way with this money-spinner and on-road trainers lose work because of it.

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