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#1 Sunday 25th April 2010 08:01:18

From: Consett.north east
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Training Buddies

Hi,This is my first post so please excuse me if I make any mistakes.I am into my 22nd hr of training for part 3 and am still finding things a little strange.I have just completed overtaking and anticipation and my god,things happen so fast don't they?Is there anyone out there in the Consett area who I could team up with to help each other? Only 18 hrs left and that part 3 looks a thousand miles away.My trainer is so patient with me and tells me I have a lot to give but keep holding back.I think it's the role play thing,just starting to get the hang of it even after 22 hrs! So if there is any one there or near me
,could you please give me a shout.


Sunday 25th April 2010 08:01:18

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Re: Training Buddies

#2 Wednesday 30th June 2010 21:40:45

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Re: Training Buddies

hi,just reading your post,i know how you feel.we've all been there,and its very daunting.the key to it for me when i was training was control..i wasn't a very confident pdi,but i sat in the back of a lot of other pdi's training sessions,and it boosted my watching them in action it gave me a different view as to how i saw the pupil.what you have to aim for is quality and not quantity.but by far the most important aspect of teaching are the core competencies,INDENTFIY,ANALYSE AND REMEDY.stick with these and you won't go far wrong.don't try and fix the whole world in an hour.take control of the lesson,after all you are the authority figure,so make that known.


#3 Saturday 3rd July 2010 21:12:27

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Re: Training Buddies



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