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Paddy - Tip Top Drivers (South Wales).

A couple of weeks ago, Herbie and I ventured over to South Wales to visit Paddy for some training after a somewhat disasterous first check test   :oops: Anyway, Herbie and I arrived where we'd agreed to meet Paddy a bit early. I gave him a quick jet wash to make sure he looked all pretty, let Paddy know I'd arrived and he said he'd come on over.

I was really nervous at this point for some reason. I knew I shouldn't be as I'd spoken to Paddy several times on the phone previously and knew we got on well and that he was a nice chap. When he arrived he soon put me at ease and I realised I had nothing to be nervous about. The session started with me driving for a few minutes just to get us used to being in the car together and being comfortable. Had a few goes at reverse parking as it's the mano which I feel I least comfortable with both to teach and to do myself. Paddy got me to move away from the rigid reference point based approach I was using to using a more natural method of steering based on what I could see in relation to where the car was in relation to the kerb. This worked very well and I was now more comfortable with the manouvre.

Then we swapped seats and the fun began!  big_smile The training session was based on helping me to get infront of the pupil and be spotting things before he did, and also thinking about where the pupil was looking, rather than me concentrating on the road ahead too much, generally being in control of the pupil, and asking the right questions to find out why the pupil is having trouble. When I got it right, there was lots of praise, and when I got it wrong or had troubles in understanding anything, I was never made to feel stupid or told off - Paddy would patiently explain what I needed to do, or what I could have changed to make it better.

We would swap seats and Paddy demonstrated how he would teach, which I found great as I was shown how to do it right. Then we went to pick up one of Paddy's pupils who had his test. They both kindly let me sit in on the pre test lesson which was really interesting to see how someone else conducted their lessons. One passed test later, and we were back to training.

Paddy was very good in letting me have a breather when my brain got full (doesn't take much   :oops:) and we went to have a cuppa at his house where I met his lovely wife and daughter smile  cup of tea and a biscuit, then some pics of Herbie taken, we took out one of Paddy's pupils in my car. This was a great exercise where Paddy could see how I deal with new pupils and teaching them, for his learner to experiance driving a different car and having some more training and for me to put into practice what I'd learnt earlier in the day through roll play. For me, this was probably the best part of the day - I was able to turn what I'd learnt into 'real life'. Things started to click into place in my head and everything made so much sense.

Then we went back to roll play and worked on everything some more. By the time I left it was almost 8pm and we'd started before 9am!   yikes   

So, in summary, I really enjoyed my day out in Wales with Paddy. I learnt more than I thought I was capable of, and have so much to put into practice this week with my own learners. I feel much more confident about my next check test (whenever that may be... waiting for the letter), and furthering my own abilities to a level past where I got to when I passed my part 3, with the added bonus that it was all fun  smile

So if you have a check test coming up, or training to be an ADI, and you live in the S Wales area or are willing to travel, then give Paddy a ring and get some training! I shall certainly be going back to top up my own skills smile

07961 444694


There's so much more than happened yesterday that I haven't put into words, but my brain is still a little bit fried  big_smile

Altho, I do have to warn you that you might come away with a few of Paddys sayings!  tongue  top banana!!!! 



Sunday 23rd May 2010 10:01:42

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Re: Paddy - Tip Top Drivers (South Wales).

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