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#1 Sunday 7th March 2010 21:23:32

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New Think Bike Campaign

Hope this makes other road users think about looking out for bikes!


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Sunday 7th March 2010 21:23:32

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Re: New Think Bike Campaign

#2 Sunday 7th March 2010 22:04:04

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Re: New Think Bike Campaign

I feel it is a bit weak and a waste of money.  It needs to be more powerful like the previous one at a T junction.  "How close does a bike have to be ?"

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#3 Sunday 7th March 2010 22:11:17

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Re: New Think Bike Campaign

I believe that idea behind this particular scheme was that research has shown that drivers are more likely to be more safety conscious towards a biker if they know one.  So this campaign tries to personalise each of the bikers rather than just be an anonymous figure on two wheels.

I hope it works but it is almost impossible to measure if there will be any success from it.

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