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#1 Tuesday 14th April 2009 22:02:12

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Motorcycle Triaing Aids

Hi all

I am currently training to become a motorcycle trainer is the any training aids available?

If yes please can you let me know where to get them.

Kindest Regards


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Tuesday 14th April 2009 22:02:12

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Re: Motorcycle Triaing Aids

#2 Saturday 25th April 2009 23:20:07

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Re: Motorcycle Triaing Aids

Hi mate,
There a bit slow on helping on here aren't they... :evil:  I've been a fully qualified instructor for about a year now and have my CBT notes available for you if you want them.  PM me and I'll send them to you if you want.  As far as using aids goes, we use that kiddies playmat you can get from the early learning centre, I now it sounds a bit iffy but having something to visualise rather then just talking from a book is really beneficial.  Use google for images for clothing and various helmets.. big_smile

Hope this helps bud..

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#3 Sunday 26th April 2009 09:37:53

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Re: Motorcycle Triaing Aids

i dont thionk the replies are slow,, just dont think there are many rider trainers here smile Theyre all out on a rideout lololol


#4 Tuesday 28th April 2009 17:50:39

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Re: Motorcycle Triaing Aids

No not slow, just catching up after the rush pre-27th April launch :?

DSA publication Riding Essential Skills should see you ok! All the relevent stuff in there!

Your Instructor Trainer should have his school CBT Manual? This is the Bible, and different schools, have different methods, so be carefull about borrowing someone elses!

As I say DSA publication the best!

Are you going straight to Cardington? Or are you going to be down trained?

Good Luck!

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#5 Saturday 6th February 2010 16:58:44

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Re: Motorcycle Triaing Aids

Check this site out, the cards may be of use to you.


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