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#101 Monday 14th January 2008 08:29:45


Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

I agree Iain, and I do.
I know this might sound strange, but on EVERY lesson I do, I have an imaginary SE sat in the back. Whats even stranger is the critisism/praise he gives me on the way to the next lesson.
Still, some of his advice is positive and can be used to help me improve.  I hate it when he starts interfering with the actual lesson though, I'm trying my hardest to help a pupil overcome a particular hurdle and I've got a bloomin imaginary SE in the back tutting at me.   roll

Monday 14th January 2008 08:29:45

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

#102 Monday 14th January 2008 18:13:22

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

......aaaaaaannnddd the prescription is in the post dimmy!

(know what you mean tho!)


#103 Monday 14th January 2008 21:43:04

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

I hate to admit it Dimmy but ive done the same many times tongue tongue

I think the madhouse may be just around the corner :cry:

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#104 Tuesday 15th January 2008 08:03:51

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

God we're all a bit mad!  Always self critial.....sometimes after a lesson is finished, pup has dissappeared an windows are up I say to myself......"That was S@*T" or "I Rocked!"

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#105 Sunday 6th December 2009 23:52:06

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

Chatting to another adi at the TC yesterday he said that he was thinking of doing ADI training. Now he's only been an ADI for 6 months  yikes, told him that I personally thought that only instructors who have been teaching for a minimum of 5 years and a grade 6 should be trainers. Think I upset him. Does anyone agree with me :? I know at least one member will  lol

Yes Pj i totally agree with you there too many cowboys out there think because they have qualified as an Adi they can teach someone to teach. That takes the professional out of the job. I believe before you can say you are a Trainer you should have more qualifications behind you not just passing part 3.;)


#106 Monday 7th December 2009 09:32:22

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

hmmmmmmmm just read this post, don't know how i missed it.

nice post hector, common sense approach

What annoys me in this industry is that all instructors know they will be check tested, but only a very few, and i mean VERY FEW will actually take the time and spend the cash to get proper CT training. How the hell do they expect to make the grade if they sit and vegitate in their own world and think they can get a good grade without investing time or effort in their own future.

Going back to the OP, no, they shouldn't have to be a 6, they could have just missed it, spending 1 hour every 4 years or so is not a great overall picture of someones training ability. ORDIT, well thats still a shambles, as it's voluntary, most people that make the effort will get on, purely coz they "made the effort"... HOWEVER in saying that, when the ORDIT system completes the planned shake up, it will be a worthy measure of competance.


#107 Thursday 17th December 2009 14:14:55

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Re: Should all trainers be a grade 6

You wouldnt believe the amount of pupils I have had who look at me like im an idiot when I use structured q and a instead of just telling them what they are doing wrong. Its like playing a game with a child with an iq of 300 sometimes.
Sorry slightly off topic-but then again not.

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