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#1 Friday 31st July 2009 14:54:34

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Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position

Hi there,

I was just wondering based on the ADI26 PST sheet what are the best questions to ask regarding Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position. I know for example to ask 'what is the normal road position'? 'what are the dangers of positioning too close to the left'?, but what I would like suggestions with is questions with progress too fast/slow.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Friday 31st July 2009 14:54:34

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Re: Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position

#2 Friday 31st July 2009 18:12:18

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Re: Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position

What problems could be caused by going too slow/fast.
What is meant by hesitancy? What problems could be caused by being hesitant?

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#3 Friday 16th October 2009 15:52:52

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Re: Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position

Hi there, I had this PST on my Part 3. Hope this is helpful..

What is the speed limit on this road?

Is it safe to do that speed? (Progress to Fast)

Why do we need to adapt our speed to match the conditions on this busy high street?

How could our speed affect following traffic? (Progress to Slow)

What is the danger of driving too slowly for the road and traffic conditions?

Other questions that may be helpful..

How can you judge a safe seperation distance between you and the vehicle ahead?
How much clearance would we normally give parked vehicles?
Where should we position to turn right?
Was the junction open or closed?
Could you see if the road was clear in both directions?
Was it necessary to stop?
Could we have kept the car moving?
Was the handbrake necessary?

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#4 Thursday 22nd October 2009 08:26:14

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Re: Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position

A good idea is to write down four headings:


then for each one write all the faults you can think of..... a fault been anything you wouldn't do yourself.

So for example

Driving further than 1m/3ft from the kerb on a wide road - What is your postion like? How do you feel about your driving? Do you realise you are futher than a metre from the kerb

ANAYSIS - cause..........Any reason why you are driving so far?  Did you realise this?  Do you find your postion difficult to find?  Are you worried about hitting the kerb?
affect - What are the BENEFITS to driving closer to the kerb? 

REMEDIAL ACTION - How can you correct it?  What is your reference point?  Demonstration or looking ahead more. Help with where the sides of the car appear from the drivers seat. 

Follow up - find another wide road, and see how they go, ask "how do you feel your position is on this road" offer postive feedback and encouragement for getting it correct, back to finding a cause and affect, and remedial action if still not good.

That is just ONE example; writing all of the faults down and doing this would help!

Too close,
Too fast,
Too slow,
Not going when safe,
Going when unsafe,

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#5 Friday 11th December 2009 21:33:46

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Re: Progress, Hesitancy, Normal Position


What determines a safe speed to drive at?

If they get the question above correct....

What are the dangers of driving to fast / slow for the road conditions?

What is meant by making safe progress?

What is meant by hesitancy?

What are the dangers of be hesitant?

What is the difference between being safe and being hesitant?

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