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#1 Friday 20th November 2009 18:16:23

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first lesson on pink

Hi, big_smile everyone! Just got my first lesson, first pupil today and I feel good! Everything was fine ,get some nerves at the beginning, but like C-Way told me as a response to my previous post ,that you need to assess what they know even if they have had 20 or more lessons,it is true some know very little for this amount of lessons. I asked some questions and I watched carefully for weaknesses ,I gave prises  when he did something good or improved , and I really hope that he enjoyed the lesson.I know what course of tuition I'm going to use and I hope it will be helpful for me too, towards my part 3 test. I know this is just the beginning but I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my new job.  tongue wink tongue Have a nice week-end everyone!


Friday 20th November 2009 18:16:23

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Re: first lesson on pink

#2 Friday 20th November 2009 18:23:57

on board training

Re: first lesson on pink


Excellent and well done, do you have him booked back in for the next few lessons?

Did you use assessment sheets or progress cards/reports for your pupil and if you did, did you keep a copy and give the pupil a copy too?

Also, did you ask the pupil how he felt he got on and if he felt there was anything you could have said or done differently to help him?

Cheers, Brian

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