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#26 Monday 10th August 2009 16:06:36

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Re: Pedestrian crossings

the question was about whether you **could** overtake bikes..... not whetehr you should.. i guess most people know that if some thing is dangerous you don't do it or you take extra care.


Monday 10th August 2009 16:06:36

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Re: Pedestrian crossings

#27 Monday 10th August 2009 20:15:03

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Re: Pedestrian crossings

The question was not about could or should

Hi all, am preparing a briefing for the ped crossings/signals PST. Highway Code says you must not overtake the moving vehicle nearest the crossing, or the nearest vehicle which has stopped to give way - does this include bicycles?? I should probably know this by now but hey... neutral

and any (or all) answers should be about helping the OP


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