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#1 Thursday 21st August 2008 20:10:56

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Spanish Bike Licence- Help!

Got a new learner today for car.
He mentioned he'd passed his bike test in Spain.
Can he swap that for a British one?

Any help much appreciated.

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Thursday 21st August 2008 20:10:56

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Re: Spanish Bike Licence- Help!

#2 Wednesday 29th July 2009 17:35:46

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Re: Spanish Bike Licence- Help!

Hi Johnnyfr,

I am really surprised this has not been answered.

What he can do is STILL USE his EU licence as a provisional for other classes of vehicle if he sends his Spanish licence to the DVLA who will issue to him a COUNTERPART with the other provisional categories he would be entitled to drive as a PROVISIONAL LICENCE.  Section 99A(1) Road Traffic Act 1988.

Because he is an EU citizen (like we are) he can use the Spanish one until it expires (photo 10 years - little card version (same as our paper counterpart - 70th birthdate).

If he were to commit an offence he would go to court as the Police could not issue a Fixed Penalty Ticket (FPT) and then the court would award penalty points after which the DVLA would then send him a counterpart WITH point thereon.



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