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#1 Tuesday 7th July 2009 09:23:04

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Adequate Clearance

Hi Guys

Just a quick question. The 2 second rule only works when you are going more than 40 mph. Can you tell me how we judge a safe distance, when travelling less than 40mph, but not stationary, is there a certain amount of car lengths, etc. I do have it written down somewhere but i cant find the notes. When i'm driving i know what a safe distance is, but thats purely by judgement.

Oh, also, the dsssm routine, do you get the se to do that as soon as they enter the car or after you have done a recap and the objectives.

Got my part 3 on thursday, just trying to iron out the little things i want to clarify.

Thanks in advance. Cat smile smile

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Tuesday 7th July 2009 09:23:04

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Re: Adequate Clearance

#2 Tuesday 7th July 2009 09:45:49

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Re: Adequate Clearance

Hi Cat.
Use one of the DSA's favourite phrases;
"Can you stop within the distance you can see to be clear?"
This is usually what they want to hear from you with clearance etc.

Wait for the word picture from SE then i would get them to set themselves up before briefing if for e.g. you wanted to talk to them about mirrors, blindspots etc.
If you do get them to DSSSM before brief then watch for them adjusting things during the your talk or just after you finish they may move their seat.
All the best for Thursday.

Donnie ADI.


#3 Tuesday 7th July 2009 15:47:22

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Re: Adequate Clearance

Hi Cat,

Excellent advice from Digit.


Good Luck!



#4 Wednesday 8th July 2009 10:37:52

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Re: Adequate Clearance

Wow Thursday? Good luck and hope you pass. Will be waiting to see how you get on.


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