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#1 Monday 10th November 2008 21:54:07

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Briefings help

has any one done their brifings for part 3 can some one help me how do i start and how do i prepare them????


Monday 10th November 2008 21:54:07

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Re: Briefings help

#2 Tuesday 11th November 2008 04:10:54

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Re: Briefings help

Hi Nemo
Look at the subjects on each pst, these are the things you need to deal with,
example mirrors, write down all the points about mirrors that you have been taught,
then you can create a dialogue covering them i.e. teaching the points. Then for Q&A
use these points as answers and create questions to achieve the required answer
i.e. which mirror do you..........
You can buy pre prepared lesson plans, there are plenty out there, but I found creating
my own was a great learning experience, helped me understand the PSTs better.
I have updated them many times, so don't think you have to get them right first
Read ADI1, you can download it from the DSA website, this will give you an insight
on what the Examiner is looking for.

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#3 Wednesday 1st April 2009 20:11:21
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Re: Briefings help

i found the prompt cards a great help here


#4 Friday 12th June 2009 18:05:04

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Re: Briefings help

Hello,everybody , I am new on the forum and i am from east Europe. I past my part 1 in november 2008, started my part 2 training in January 2009 and past my part 2 test on 1st of April (first atempt).I realy need some advices about these briefings , thank you!


#5 Friday 12th June 2009 18:12:18

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Re: Briefings help

Hi Simi and welcome to the forum  smile
With regards to the briefings, what sort of advice were you after, and what advice and help has your trainer given you about this?


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