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My blog by ladyjane :)

Hi im new to this forum, shame i didnt see this before my first lesson but hey ho. Well i passed by theory first time in january 50/50 for theory and 49 for the hazard i started my driving lessons in Febuary and so far ive had 16 1 hr lessons, my husband has just put me on the insurance for our car so i can get some more practice ive done about 3 hours with my husband whos been brilliant with me. I'm really enjoying driving i wish i would of done this years ago as it would of made my life a hell of alot easier at times lol. Im hoping to be passed by July as its my 30th birthday what better present than a pass big_smile
At the same time i dont want to pressure myself i just want to enjoy every moment of it. So far ive only had one lesson where i was getting a little angry with myself i couldnt get the gears right god knows why as i hadnt had any problems before, my ADI said we all have off days and to not get angry with myself and not beat myself up about it.
I have done nearly all of the manouvers, just got bay parking to do which i think i will be doing tomorrow on my next lesson. I found turn in the road and the left reverse the best, parallel parking im struggling with out of them all, i seem to get all confused with the steering wheel and turn to much or not enough!!! Still got lots more practice with them, more practice on the bigger roundabouts and get abit more confidence and my ADI said it will be time to put in for my test.


Wednesday 18th March 2009 11:38:51

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Re: My blog by ladyjane :)

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Re: My blog by ladyjane :)

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