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#1 Sunday 25th January 2009 19:01:08

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Fleet work.

I'm about to get my Orange badge, how do I go about getting fleet work? I read posts about working for big companies but who are they? Where do I send my CV?

I think I want to 'find my feet' before going into companies alone, although I feel I have good sales skills.

Any advice, really.

Paul Shackleton DSA ADI.-----DSA Fleet, Diamond Advanced, NVQ L3 In driver Training & Assessment, A1 & Ordit


Sunday 25th January 2009 19:01:08

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Re: Fleet work.

#2 Sunday 25th January 2009 19:14:01

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Re: Fleet work.

Google Fleet George it will bring a list of the bigger companies out there, send your cv to as many as possible RoSPA, IAM, DDT Group , Drive and Survive etc..


#3 Sunday 25th January 2009 20:03:03

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Re: Fleet work.

Did you get the information pack from the DSA?  In that pack was a list of all the fleet companies that offer DSA accredited courses.  Those same companies will be worth sending a cv to.

How did you qualify?  Some companies wont recognise other's courses.


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#4 Wednesday 25th February 2009 16:45:59

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Re: Fleet work.

DIAmond, same as I'm doing.
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