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#1 Sunday 4th January 2009 22:07:57

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Like a lot of the guys and girls i work for one of the bigger companies but am keen to go direct to some customers, any tips? Door Knocking,Phone,Advertising,Web? What has worked for you? I am Based in SW London


Sunday 4th January 2009 22:07:57

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Re: Tips

#2 Sunday 4th January 2009 22:58:22

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Re: Tips

If you are good at direct sales then this is the route which is most likely to convert customers. If you have contacts and can get introductions (local round table, business networking etc) then it can help.

I'm terrible at all of that so I rely on websites. Mine are pretty established, so I turn up on a lot of relevant searches and I do ok. I don't work for any of the big guys, so the sites and my business model, processes and training has to stand up for itself.

Getting a website to turn up for the relevant search terms in London may be difficult without spending a lot of money though.


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