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#1 Monday 13th October 2008 19:01:57

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Trained with passmasters and they were totally not on track at all.
Firstly took 3k from me on our 1st meeting
secondly told me I had to travel 250 miles for each training session
thirdly had to go to manchester from east coast for a week and pay for hotel and food
fourthly. dumped me in manchester at the end and said good luck for part 3,
If i could go back and read this forum right now I would do it ,be careful.
Me and another pDI helped each other and got thru last year.
sp pass on the passmaster course.
name gladly given if mailed


Monday 13th October 2008 19:01:57

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Re: passmasters

#2 Tuesday 28th October 2008 20:16:43

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Re: passmasters

I trained with Passmasters 6 years ago in Stoke. I think it's important to remember it's more about the trainer your teamed up with than the company its self. I'm glad to say i passed all 3 parts first time but i will say i had a fantastic trainer who was really focused on being as good as he could be. Took me 6 months and £1995 but it was well worth it.


#3 Monday 17th November 2008 11:08:13

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Re: passmasters

I checked them out on Companies House when I was thinking of training. Registered to an accountants above to a cafe back then apparently.
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