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#1 Saturday 1st November 2008 10:55:23

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omg i passed my driving test today  big_smile cant belive it... i got 9 minors. i thought i was gona fail because i staled 4 times at the same junction frm tryin 2 pull of in 3rd then puting it in2 1st sliped out in2 neutral then put it in 2 3rd agen arghh  :? lol but i 4got abwt it then everything was fine untill i got 2 the test centre then the examiner said we have only did 1 monouver so we had 2 go out the test centre 1nce agen  :x said 2 pull up along side thing land rover and i completly screwed it up i was 2 wide and was a mile of the curb but i stayed calm and moved the car closer to the curb and was told 2 pull away again then wen at the centre i was told i passed wiv 9 minors i could not belive it i was certain i failed so i no all examiners r human and will not fail u 4 stupid mistakes as i thought they would  big_smile


Saturday 1st November 2008 10:55:23

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Re: omg!

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Re: omg!

Well done you!  It's a great feeling isnt it!  Most examiners are human really  wink They dont expect you to drive 100% perfectly, they know you're nervous, but they are experienced enough to see what mistakes you're making through nerves and what mistakes are weakness' in your driving style.  Just remember, when you're out on your own to take your time, be confident without taking risks, also really consider doing a pass plus course, it's really fun to do and will give you just that little bit extra training and confidence not to mention possibly making it cheaper to insure your own car  big_smile Good luck and enjoy the freedom that driving will give you.
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