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Cannot believe it

After having held an Aussie licence for 36 years, and unfortunately letting it expire, I am having to redo my whole licence thing again.. Well I failed my driving test yesterday, through a stupid mistake of both mine, the examiner, and the road workers... Didn't see a "Stop here on red light" sign as it was off the road and hidden in grass.. Got a serious fault for that after the examiner yelling at me to stop, I saw the red traffic light and was going to stop on that... Not to mention four other cars were right behind me, I mean right on my tail... seems I obstructed lorries coming out of a side road to work on the construction area... only had 4 minors and 5 with the Serious.. Sadly all minors occured after examiner yelled at me.. Mind you he didn't even use the brake, My instructor could hardly believe it... Oh well back to square one and a rebook... however on a serious note.. the pass rate in my area is 40.6% not a good one.. So out of 100 people taking their tests 59.4 will fail.. at £56.50 each person, now that is one heck of a lot of monies for the government to be raking in don't you think? How many test centres are there in the UK and how many people each day take their driving tests.. Certainly food for thought... To make matters worse, is the long wait one has to endure before being able to take a practical test, I now have a 7 week wait... So where are our test fees going... Okay off my soap box for now... but it certainly does make one think...


Thursday 7th August 2008 07:09:00

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Re: Cannot believe it

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