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#1 Saturday 19th July 2008 21:38:47

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Woods driver traning

I am new and was pointed here by my trainer, Finlay from Woods driver training in Nottingham. I just qualified as an ADI last month having tried this all 3 years ago with TIC. I failed my part 2 twice and then failed my part 3 three times and that was that.
I re-applied and did my part one again myself in January. For part 2 I wanted some quality training and shopped around, not for the cheapest but for someone who sounded like they knew what they were talking about. I spoke with Fin and found him not only very confident but also very knowledgeable.  I met up with Fin in February for an assessment of both my part 2 driving and also where I was at with my part 3 previously.
He honed straight in on my driving weaknesses, which were spot on. More amazingly he immediately got to the root of my part 3 problems. In a nutshell, I just hadn’t been taught correctly and I had to agree with everything he said.
I took 10 hours part 2 training and passed my part 2 in March. We then set about my part 3 training with Fin. From day one it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. After just a couple of hours I could see exactly where I was going wrong before and to be frank I now know I had no chance first time around. Fin’s techniques are simply genius. His role play is simply superb and although I initially struggled to get the whole role play concept, when I did it became so much easier. Once I grasped the 3 core comps fully and realized that the examiner WILL play tricks, I was ready.
After a total of 26 hours with Fin, I took my part 3 in June and passed first time this time around with a solid 5/5. I am delighted and so relieved to now be doing something I should have been doing 3 years ago.
I must say that the training I got from Fin was just amazing. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is such a nice and easy guy to train with. His manner is highly professional and yet very easy going at the same time. This balance is just the perfect formula for a great trainer. Anyone thinking of training to be an ADI should look no further than Woods driver training in Nottingham. It cost me the grand total of £1,640 for all my part 2 and 3 training with Fin and it was the best investment I could have made.  I just wish I had known about him before I wasted over £3,000 with the other lot!
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to Fin for everything

Regards Dave


Saturday 19th July 2008 21:38:47

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Re: Woods driver traning

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Re: Woods driver traning

Thanks Dave!

I am very humbled by what you have said, but at the end of the day you passed because you did all the right stuff on the day and deserved it.

I would say to others reading this that I know Dave paracticed his driving daily for part 2. He used a small recorder and taped himself on every journey doing a commentary drive. For his Part 3 he also spent hours on quiet roads and car parks talking himself through manoeuvres and procedures. This guy put a HUGE amount of extra time and effort in, which is partly why he did so well.

All the same, thanks smile

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Re: Woods driver traning

I noticed that you advertise on E-Bay. Is this worth while??

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Re: Woods driver traning

As I get free advertsining from ebay, it is for me. Then I have a very special relationship with ebay. Not many instructors are sponsored by ebay are they?

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