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#51 Friday 13th June 2008 08:31:28


Re: Why are bikers so dangerous????

Well done to you Shazzer. You have clearly got a great attitude and that will help you a lot once you pass. Keep up the good work! smile

Friday 13th June 2008 08:31:28

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Re: Why are bikers so dangerous????

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Re: Why are bikers so dangerous????

Now then. I have read most of this thread and have to speak up.

I have been driving cars for 29 years and have not had a single accident. I have been riding bikes since I was 9, which is now 37 years. never had an accident. Am I special? Not really, just very observant, plan ahead a LONG way and never assume anything. I watched a video of advanced police motorcyling years ago and thought, hang on - that's exactly how I ride anyway!

NOT all bikers are nutters, suicidal and just on the edge. There are some very good ones indeed. I like to think I belong in that category.

One thing I would mention. The comradery between bikers is boundless. You just won't understand unless you are or have been a biker. Run out of petrol? No problem, first biker along will take you to the petrol station AND bring you back.

You sound like me  neutrallol

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