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#1 Monday 2nd June 2008 07:50:17

Kelvin White
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ORDIT Inspection

Hi all,
Following a request for information on the ORDIT inspection I will give an account of how it went.

First of all I was lead to believe that the waiting time for an inspection was approx 8 weeks,in fact I could have had it with in 2 weeks.

The cost for a premises and one trainer inspection was £289.34.

Breakdown as follows: Premises inspection     £52.50
                                Tutor assessment        £73.50
                                SE,s Traveling costs     £84.00
               SE,s travel and subsistance cost     £36.25
                                        Total ex VAT       £246.25
                                               VAT            £43.09
                              Total Payable                £289.34

The SE ( quality assurance assessor ) travelled up from Bournemouth to visit me at my home in Bridgwater,Somerset.
He arrived at 10.00 and then carried out an inspection of my premises (my office is a garage conversion)which he seemed to like as it was completley seperate from the house.He asked to see training records at random including records for the trainee that we were going to use for the tutor assessment.He was very interested in record keeping and that both myself and trainees had a signed copy of each lesson during their structured programe.He also looked through terms and conditions and any refund policy in force plus complaints procedures.I insist that my trainees have all the recommended DSA books (8 in total) along with a part 1 study guide for knowlege retention and he checked that these training resources were to hand and available.He was also interested in the use of computer for hazard perception training and wether I did a coaching session on this subject (I do ).He then looked at records for part two training and again insistant that duplicates of training were kept and signed by both parties.For part three he looked through the visual aids presenter along with briefing CDs.

The check test element of the assessment began straight after at 11.00,for this we travelled 5 minutes to pick up my PDI.The session lasted for 90 minutes and the format was very similar to a standard check test only with me driving as the learner and attempting to analyse the PDIs performance using role play. Unlike a check test there is no grading,just a pass or fail situation but the marking sheet is very similar and I had 5 & 6 in the various columns.

One thing he was very interested in was the 40 hour course.He was very keen to stress that this was just a ball park figure and far to many trainees were attending the test with out a full understanding of the various subjects.He then wanted full information on extra training provided and how this would take place and insisting that clients are not presented to test unless confident and completley ready.

We then had approx 1 hour for feedback and questions.The inspector was very open and forthcoming when discussing future decvelopments and the state of our industry.When asked about ORDIT becoming compulsory,he thought it was inevitable and with the go ahead already sanctioned it was just a matter of time before it happens.He did comment on the present situation where PDIs are providing training for prospective ADIs with dire consequences when attending for part three exams.

I hope this may be of some help if you choose to go down this road,please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

ORDIT registered PAYG Instructor training in Somerset.
Delivering a highly successful structured course.
All ADI training on a one to one basis with principle trainer Kelvin White,qualified instructor trainer,ROSPA gold twice,Cardington grade A and Workshop Tutor for Somerset Road Safety Partnership.


Monday 2nd June 2008 07:50:17

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Re: ORDIT Inspection

#2 Monday 2nd June 2008 20:39:20

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Re: ORDIT Inspection

Great stuff Kelvin.  Thanks

At University studying Humanities with Literature and Music.


#3 Saturday 7th June 2008 23:57:42


Re: ORDIT Inspection

firstly well done re the inspection.

The paper trail is critical, and this needs to be reiterated to those who are not sure!

40 hours is a real pain in the bum, cos its the "DSA" criteria for a trainee licence, a good number of training companies state you can become an instructor asfter 40 hours.......

oh my...  I think the figure is far more like 60-80


#4 Friday 26th December 2008 08:14:16

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Re: ORDIT Inspection

Ordit shake up.
Why, When, Where and What are the powers to be going to put in its place


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