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#1 Wednesday 25th July 2007 15:49:53

From: Somerset
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What do I need?


  I'm a car driver but I was thinking about getting a bike up to 125cc for work Q is what do I have to get to use 1 of these?
  Tests ect...

  Thanx in advance

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Wednesday 25th July 2007 15:49:53

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Re: What do I need?

#2 Thursday 26th July 2007 15:42:01

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Re: What do I need?

Just a cbt i think.

oh dear


#3 Monday 6th August 2007 21:16:01

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From: kent
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Re: What do I need?

i have got my CBT  i can ride up to a 125 cc

but i have still not got a bike  yet hubby rides a r1 hes dont really  want me to get a bike now as he will be scared me hurting my self ...... :[

x emma x
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#4 Wednesday 29th August 2007 19:46:04

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Re: What do I need?

Just a CBT, but even with that you will still need to ride with L plates. I did mine 25th June this year, and ive bought myself a little Honda City Fly, (Hubby has a TLR1000R) but hes just a show off  lol

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#5 Sunday 27th January 2008 18:26:43

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Re: What do I need?

C.B.T. (Compulsory Basic Training)

All new licence holders, must take a C.B.T., even for a moped. New C.B.T.'s last 2 years. The C.B.T. course will take a whole day, although there is no set time limit, it might take less, or it might take longer, depending on your ability.

1. The C.B.T. Course syllabus includes five elements that have to be completed in sequence:
Element A - Introduction
Element B - Practical on-site training
Element C - Practical on-site riding
Element D - Practical on-road training
Element E - Practical on-road riding
You will only be issued with a Certificate of Completion DL196 when you have satisfactorily completed all five elements. On completion you will:-
Understand the aims of CBT
Understand the importance of having the correct equipment and clothing
Become familiar with the machine, it's controls and how it works
Be able to carry out basic machine checks
Learn to control your machine safely off the road (practical riding on site)
Gain experience on the road with accent on being safe
Have gained your DL196 CBT Certificate
This allows you to ride unaccompanied:-
With L-plates front and rear
Not carrying a pillion passenger
Not using motorways

License requirements

To ride a motorcycle on the road you must

* Be at least 17 years old (16 for a moped)
* Have a driving licence which allows you to ride motorcycles (category A)

That license can be any of the following

* A provisional driving licence with motorcycle entitlement
* Full car licence. This generally provides provisional motorcycle entitlement
* Full motorcycle licence
* Full moped licence. This provides automatic provisional motorcycle entitlement if you're aged 17 years or over

Provisional motorcycle entitlement

This entitles learners to ride a motorcycle

* Up to 125cc
* With a maximum power output of 11kW (14.6bhp)

Learners who wish to ride a side-car outfit can do so with a power to weight ratio not exceeding 0.16kW/kg.
If you are not sure about any of this then you can get further advice from your motorcycle dealer or trainer.

With provisional motorcycle entitlement you must not

* Ride on motorways
* Carry a pillion passenger
* Ride without L-plates (or D-plates in Wales)

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