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#1 Wednesday 5th September 2007 23:59:23

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Up Coming Test...Argh!

I have my first test on the 2nd October. It's just under 4 weeks away, and I am sooo nervous! I feel my general driving is fine, I sometimes struggle with left reverse, but my ADI knows this and we will work on it during the upcoming lessons. The thing that I want to know is, will I feel different driving with somebody else in the car rather than my ADI? I really don't want to fail as I kno it will knock my confidence. If anyone has any advice, please share with me.

Ben big_smile


Wednesday 5th September 2007 23:59:23

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Re: Up Coming Test...Argh!

#2 Thursday 6th September 2007 07:57:29

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Re: Up Coming Test...Argh!

Hiya Ben,

Don't think of it as an Examiner in the car with you, just think your ADI is on holiday and you have a stand in.
With regards to your little problem of the left hand reverse, sounds like your ADI has it in hand, just practice as mich as possible to correct it, I'm sure you will be fine hun.
As long as you concentrate on your Observations/Road, Lane Markings, etc etc especially at Roundabouts as that is where most people get confused you'll be fine.
Watch your speed and change in speed limits, If you think you have made a mistake, forget it carry on it might not be as bad as you think wink
I'm sure others will be able to add to what I have said.
Best of luck Ben.

Regards Giz wink


#3 Sunday 9th September 2007 17:11:05

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Re: Up Coming Test...Argh!

I agree, if you think you've made a mistake forget it. I hit the kerb when doing my turn in the road, kept braking at the last minute, and had trouble with the gears a few times, when i got back to the test center, i was absolutely convinced i had failed, and would of understood if i had, But I had PASSED yikes, with 14 minors, but i did it. So it really does go to show that even if you think youve messed it up, you probably havent. Good luck, youll be fine. wink

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#4 Monday 10th September 2007 12:56:50


Re: Up Coming Test...Argh!

A good percentage of the test is confidence, try to relax cause the examiner will pick up on any added stress – easier said then done though!  :?

#5 Friday 28th September 2007 16:18:32

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Re: Up Coming Test...Argh!

Hi, I agree with the posters that said if you make a mistake 'let it go'.

Took my first test on the 20th & whilst doing RRC missed ref point & went wide, recovered but was convinced I had failed.
I then got so flusterd that I just wanted it to end.

On my hill start I released the handbrake too soon and rolled back.

When I had my debrief the Examiner said that 'it was not a bad test at all & that every DF I made was directly linked to my nerves. I told my ADI that I had gone wide on the RRC & the Examiner interjected with 'but you recoverd that & had you not rolled back on the Hill you would of passed with 7 DF's! Was sooo angry with myself.:(
Next test on the 9th of Oct & will keep my nerves under control.

Good Luck Benyates, I'm sure you will be fine:)


#6 Saturday 29th September 2007 10:48:22

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Re: Up Coming Test...Argh!

ry and stay as relaxed as you can ( easier said than done!) Dont worry if you make a mistake just do your best to correct it ( remember observations and signal if necessary ) after you have corrected it try and forget about it. Dwelling on it will only make you feel worse always stay positive and drive as best you can.

Good luck!



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