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#1 Friday 16th June 2006 11:05:00


Roadcraft Motoring School (South West - Devon Cornwall)

Roadcraft Motoring School  Tel: 01752 29 00 99

If you are training or have trained in the past with this company, please tell us your opinions of the training and service you received.

Please br responsible about what you post. If you had a bad experience then by all means tell us what happened, but do so responsibly. This section is not about defaming any company.

The opinions below do not represent the opinions of Driver Training Today.

Friday 16th June 2006 11:05:00

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Re: Roadcraft Motoring School (South West - Devon Cornwall)

#2 Tuesday 15th May 2007 09:47:50

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Re: Roadcraft Motoring School (South West - Devon Cornwall)

I used John Curtin from Roadcraft Motoring School (South West - Devon Cornwall) for my final attempt at the Part 3 process.

I found John's instruction to have been invaluable.  The style of his coaching and teaching was more relaxed and suited my own style very well.

John attended my final Part 3 test and again helped me to relax (very slightly!!! ~ only a little bit of pressure due to final attempt!!)  I was and am very grateful to John for his reassurance.

Very highly recommended to anyone wanting PAY AS YOU GO training in the South West Devon & Cornwall areas. for lessons in and around Plymouth.


#3 Wednesday 12th September 2007 23:39:17

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Re: Roadcraft Motoring School (South West - Devon Cornwall)

I also trained with John Curtin, passed part 3 first time with a 5 & a 6 big_smile.

I was very nervous and not confident at all but he was extremely professional and very patient and made the lessons very enjoyable. 

As I wasn't sure if this type of job was for me I liked the fact you paid for each lesson, this way if I thought I was doing the wrong thing I could just stop without wasting  lots of money, this also took some pressure off. 

After reading some comments from other pdi's I feel I was extremely lucky that I found the right instructor, John clearly has a passion for his job and has had for many years this makes his experience in ADI instructing second to none.

Also instead of doing parts 1 & 2 first he taught part 3 from the beginning and this again gave me some idea if I would be able to do the job.

If any one is looking for an experienced ORDIT qualified instructor in the Devon & Cornwall area  and does not want the risk of paying out lots of money up front I would highly recommend John Curtin, after all if he got me through part 3 he can get anyone through (almost).

Thanks John  roll


#4 Wednesday 26th September 2007 19:50:25

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Re: Roadcraft Motoring School (South West - Devon Cornwall)

I also trained with John Curtin and found him to be extremely good he was good fun to be with and I looked forward to my lessons I started my training with someone else and was not getting the tuition that I needed they charged me for part one but gave me very little help when I pasted part I they let me drive round in circles for part 2 with out telling me what I was doing wrong John helped me pass part 2 and 3 and I also got a 5 and 6.

Thanks for everthing John Curtin ( Highly Recommended)

Juke (JMC)


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