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#1 Thursday 2nd November 2006 16:46:43

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Going over my crossroads PST this weekend put my diagram doesn't really help me explain what I need to. Has anyone got a good diagram or know where I can get one? big_smile

What seems to be the most likely things the SE is going to do on my part 3? sad

Part 1...100% 63/75
Part 2...3 minors
Part 3...1. 4/3, so close but not close enough
Part 3...2. 4/4 Yippee


Thursday 2nd November 2006 16:46:43

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Re: crossroads

#2 Thursday 2nd November 2006 17:07:42

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Re: crossroads

The ones in essential skills are pretty good for some circumstances.....


#3 Thursday 2nd November 2006 23:23:40

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Re: crossroads

he will probably  be unable to identify crossroads, try to speed through them, forget observations to the left or right, forget msm on approach ,be unable to decide who has the right of way in a meet situation, when going straight on or turning. (Be prepared for all sorts) lol


#4 Thursday 2nd November 2006 23:48:00


Re: crossroads

If you want to meet up with me before you do your part 3, I will take you to where the crossroads part 3's are conducted and do some work with you, we can go over it a couple of times. Please let me know in advance, because I will have to arrange my diary. To be honest all you need to know with regard diagrams are the three types of crossroads ie: uncontrolled, controlled by road markings and light controlled. You will need to recap and q and a about approach, position for turning l and r at t junctions, then talk about priorities, observations re: extra road etc etc. Think of your emerging at T junctions lesson and add the other road. A good way to think about crossroads is to think of a T junction and then think that everything that applies in the minor road, also applies in the facing minor road with regards priorities etc, so you must make your pupil aware of this. If you can understand what I mean. Get in touch and I will explain it more, or meet up either way the offers there. Ev

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