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#1 Sunday 29th October 2006 14:00:52

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TIR & Clutch control

Hi guys

Got my part 3 coming up soon and although I'm pretty confident with my TIR, the only aspect I fear I might struggle with is if the SE shoots across road. I know how I need to get him to slow it down but how exactly do I talk him through it? :?

Would appreciate some ideas

Part 1...100% 63/75
Part 2...3 minors
Part 3...1. 4/3, so close but not close enough
Part 3...2. 4/4 Yippee


Sunday 29th October 2006 14:00:52

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Re: TIR & Clutch control

#2 Sunday 29th October 2006 18:00:25


Re: TIR & Clutch control

Tell him to take clutch to biting point, and move it up the thickness of a pound coin to move and down the thickness of a pound coin to slow it down.  Show him a pound coin so he can see how much it should be moved.

#3 Sunday 29th October 2006 18:26:00

Don Juan

Re: TIR & Clutch control

Also ...... over the crown, the clutch can go down,phrase can  be used in explaining car control,effects of the camber.

#4 Sunday 29th October 2006 18:44:37

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Re: TIR & Clutch control

Also because you have mentioned effects of camber, the handbrake SHOULD be used when stopping.


#5 Monday 30th October 2006 11:12:28

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Re: TIR & Clutch control

and dont forget....the SE WILL shoot across the road no matter what you tell him.
the important thing is that you tell him where he went wrong, the dangers of what he did and how to remedy the 3 CORE HIM. if he is happy with what you tell him than he wont do it again.
but try not to focus on just his clutch. watch out for his shoulder checks before he moves off, slow steering, lack of obs during the turn, late/harsh braking, touching kerb, no h/b, not checking over shoulders before he reverses back...the list is endless.
watch out for this one though....on the reverse part they may stop because another car is around. if for example the car is on the right he will beckon him to go around him. theres nothing wrong with that but make sure he checks to his left before he beckons the driver who is on his right...and vice versa.
oh god, do they love doing that one



#6 Monday 30th October 2006 11:25:01


Re: TIR & Clutch control

Remember to check they have done some straight reversing beforehand and get them to do a short reverse so you've seen. Nothing more fun than getting across the road and get told 'wheres reverse then never done that'   roll

#7 Monday 30th October 2006 11:56:39

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Re: TIR & Clutch control

Prevention is better than cure. If you can, get on top of him from the very beginning.

You should be able to tell if his biting point is too high on the clutch from the preparing stage. If it is get him to dip the clutch (thickness of a pound coin) before he moves off. Ask him to keep his feet still as he releases the handbrake and talk him through the manoeuvre from that point.


#8 Monday 30th October 2006 12:04:38

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Re: TIR & Clutch control

Yep, "feet still" - best instruction ever when holding bite.


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