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#1 Monday 3rd July 2006 13:00:38


Alan's Instructor Training (London and Essex)

Alan's Instructor Training  01268 550 360

If you are training or have trained in the past with this company, please tell us your opinions of the training and service you received.

Please br responsible about what you post. If you had a bad experience then by all means tell us what happened, but do so responsibly. This section is not about defaming any company.

The opinions below do not represent the opinions of Driver Training Today.

Monday 3rd July 2006 13:00:38

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Re: Alan's Instructor Training (London and Essex)

#2 Tuesday 18th July 2006 14:49:43

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Re: Alan's Instructor Training (London and Essex)

I used Alans for both parts 1 and 2. (trying to sort out a schedule for part 3 now).

For part one they offer a classroom based course over 4 weeks @ 2 evenings per week with regular Q&A and mock tests.  Some people could manage part 1 without any help but I found the course more valuable as I could ask the trainers all sorts of Q's.

For part 2 they have 2 grade 6 ADI trainers and I'll never forget my assessment drive - had my driving ripped to shreds (very humbling experience  big_smile) before being re-taught the correct standard - and it worked - passed my part 2 1st time.

They are based around Basildon and I would recommend them to any new PDI in the area - watch this space for my opinion of part 3 (if we can match schedules  lol)


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