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#1 Sunday 9th December 2018 07:45:13

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G'd Morning all

Hi there

I'm Tom from Sheffield 30 years old.

Started my lessons about a month back and I'm doing quite well. I just thought I'd join here now to see if I could pick up some useful tips and be part of a community of likewise learners.

I got my Theory Monday and I probably only got a few more lessons to go before my test gets booked provided I pass my Theory big_smile.


Sunday 9th December 2018 07:45:13

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Re: G'd Morning all

#2 Sunday 9th December 2018 09:11:02

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Re: G'd Morning all


Not many learners on here mainly instructors but still good to have ya.  wink

You say you started your lessons a month back and are only few off your test. Do you feel properly prepared for test? Or more importantly do you feel prepared to cope withthe hoards of crap drivers that blight our roads? I only ask because the average is nearer a year (learning)and a high percentage of new drivers have collisions in the first year of passing.
Good luck with your theory.


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