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#1 Wednesday 17th October 2018 14:29:38

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As I'm the type of bloke that plans well in advance, IF I pass my part 3,(still a way off), whats everyones point of view on how to source a car?

The company I'm  training with offers a car franchise at around £600 a month.

I've looked into ADI leasing companies, but they show no prices, and I dont want to tempt fate by ringing them.

If i took the franchise with car, am i beholden to them and their pupils, or could i also souce my own too?

As i have recently taken a loan to buy a caravan,(sorry!!), it would be unlikely i would get another.

So many questions, and I haven't even qualified yet!!!


Wednesday 17th October 2018 14:29:38

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Re: Cars!!

#2 Saturday 20th October 2018 18:24:01

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Re: Cars!!

Your best bet is to find a small school that can offer you a franchise for considerably less than £600 a month. If you are brave enough to go on your own then lease a car on a short contract from a driving school leasing company. You can contact them to get current prices with no obligation. No matter which way you go you will need to find your own pupils as you cannot rely on a franchiser to provide you sufficient work. Good luck with your part 3.


#3 Sunday 21st October 2018 11:49:28

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Re: Cars!!

C A Cars  display their prices to give you an idea. They also do shorter term lease on 2nd hand cars which might be worth considering until you get established.


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