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Part 3 - Third and Final Attempt

Unfortunately, I failed the first and second attempts of my Part Three tests with the same examiner. I missed the pass mark four on the first occasion, and by two marks on the second attempt. In fact, I was completely gobsmacked when the examiner told me that I had failed on the second attempt because in my view, I identified, analysed and remedied all of the pupil's faults.

The examiner's main gripe in the first test was that I didn't pick up on the pupil not checking his mirrors, when clearly, I was double checking every time. Also, we got to a traffic controlled roundabout and had to stop. I had already informed the pupil that we'll be taking the 2nd exit, which was clearly marked. However, the pupil missed the exit when moving off, and I had to quickly intervene and redirect him to the 3rd exit, in order to avoid inconveniencing other traffic. I knew the area very well so we took an alternative route and resumed the test. The examiner marked me down because he says I didn't help the pupil when he got confused, although I calmly gave him guided instructions and helped with the steering when we encountered that scenario. 

In the post test feedback on the second test, the examiner told me that I didn't help the pupil as much as I should, and that my lesson was contrary to the pupil's expectations. Meanwhile, the pupil had already stated that he wants to do junctions. In fact, his feedback gave me the impression that either he wasn't paying attention to the interaction between me and the pupil, or perhaps he had already decided to fail me well before the test started.

I have since taken on board everything that the examiner said, including some additional coaching by my instructor. I'm wondering whether there's anything extra that I need to do in order to pass. Any advise will help. Thanks.


Monday 27th August 2018 23:45:10

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Re: Part 3 - Third and Final Attempt

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