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#1 Sunday 17th June 2018 08:07:56

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car wash

I know I don't need receipts for a car wash, but what would you say, would be an acceptable amount per week to claim?


Sunday 17th June 2018 08:07:56

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Re: car wash

#2 Sunday 17th June 2018 11:39:07

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Re: car wash

Whatever it costs to wash your car. Making up a figure is a risky strategy that could back fire.

I can jet wash it myself twice a week and it costs £2 a wash. Or I can take it through the hand car wash once or twice and that would be £6 a wash. So sometimes it might only be £4. Another week it could be £12. What goes down on my tax return is what it costs to wash my car each week. That varies. Sometimes I wash it myself and put nothing down.

Receipts come in very handy if you get investigated. Harder to argue your point without evidence.

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