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#1 Wednesday 23rd May 2018 11:11:41

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Few questions about my recent experience

Hi Forum Users,
I wanted to ask you all for opinion and advice about the situation that happened recently during my driving lesson.
I'm a learner.
Yesterday I was approaching difficult roundabout (big, with traffic lights on). I still don't feel confident with roundabouts. One of a car wheels have hit the kerb. We stopped on a nearest parking to check it. Wheel had no damage - just chalk-like, white "scrach mark" on tyre. The car have alloygators that possibly helped avoid the damage.
In the end of the lesson my instructor started to tell me off for my error. He seemed angry, started to tell me how expensive are car parts that could be damaged. I felt a bit intimidated, and was trying to calm him down by reminding that I'm a learner and need support in difficult situations, and car must be insured for possible damage. My words triggered him even more. With red face he started to shout on me. He said (screamed) that if I will show such an attitude again, he will stop teaching me, and I have no right to speak about insurance as I am not the one who is paying for it.
I leaved the car shaking from stress. I'm stressed even thinking about next lesson and possible error that I could make as a learner.

My instructor have a good feedbacks, an "A" grade badge, and cost me £60 per two hours lesson. He seems to be professional.
But I must admit I have a mixed feelings for the recent situation.
I used to think that with lesson charges I pay for guidance, support and protection. I thought that instructor share the knowledge with me but also share the responsibility during drive. I never thought I might be told off or experience verbal aggression from driving instructor.

My questions are:

Do You think it is appropriate to shout on pupils?

Am I really have no right to rely on car insurance as a learner?

What do You think about that situation?


Wednesday 23rd May 2018 11:11:41

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Re: Few questions about my recent experience

#2 Thursday 24th May 2018 16:22:02

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Re: Few questions about my recent experience

Dump him.   Scratched alloys are part of the job.


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Re: Few questions about my recent experience

I agree with Roadmaster
On the few occasions where one of my students has scraped the kerb it was because of a lapse in my vigilance - i.e. my problem not the student's.
Shouting (and especially screaming) at a client is unprofessional and good reason for the client to find another instructor.

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