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#1 Tuesday 20th February 2018 07:52:58

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Show me question whilst driving

Have any of your students had the “show me” question regarding how you would demist the front windscreen? If so how much detail do they have to go into? Can they just identify the three control knobs and say “direction, blower, temperature” or do they need to set them?


Tuesday 20th February 2018 07:52:58

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Re: Show me question whilst driving

#2 Tuesday 20th February 2018 18:09:05

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Re: Show me question whilst driving

My car does not have the 'control knobs' and although I show them how to adjust heat,direction and fan but feel it would be too much to do on the move.I think the old 'control knobs' with a simple turn all three to the right is easier. However it does have a simple clear windscreen  button (similar to rear) which puts on fan to max, direction and aircon. Demonstrating that button was always acceptable on the old show me/tell me questions so would presume ok for  the new test. Haven't sat in on a test where the question has been asked yet.


#3 Tuesday 20th February 2018 18:24:06

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Re: Show me question whilst driving

I've had one asked this question. They turned up the fan.  Then turned down the fan. They mentioned the airflow settings but didn't touch as this was already set to the front windscreen setting. Job done.

Remember the question on the drive is SHOW ME so they do have to do a little more than just talk about the controls. The TELL ME question is asked at the start of the test.

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#4 Tuesday 20th February 2018 22:10:38

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Re: Show me question whilst driving

And of course on some cars they could switch on the electric heated elements.


#5 Sunday 1st July 2018 11:24:21

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Re: Show me question whilst driving

I always set the fan direction to screen before a test, all they do is turn fans on.  They have never been asked to turn up heat - never had any complaints.

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