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#1 Wednesday 19th July 2017 18:48:45

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Emergency stop!

When moving off after an emergency stop what observations do pupils need to do? I have ALWAYS insisted on a LEFT blind spot check but, while sitting in on recent tests two pupils missed left blind spot check and no fault was recorded. When I was trained I was told failing to do a left blind spot check was classed as a major fault! Have things changed in last few years????


Wednesday 19th July 2017 18:48:45

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Re: Emergency stop!

#2 Wednesday 19th July 2017 20:05:34

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Re: Emergency stop!

Nothing has changed. Effective observation is what the examiner wants to see. Effective observation can mean different things in different situations. The examiner is entitled to consider that at a given location and the circumstances at the time, the observation was effective.


#3 Monday 24th July 2017 08:57:16

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Re: Emergency stop!

I always carry out a full rainbow check...start from the left 8 o clock observation and finish with a right 5 o clock observation. Never had a problem with that

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