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Getting on with neighbours

I'm feeling bored and this forum is very quiet so I thought I'd post this before going off to bed.

I live in No 8 of a block of 12 units and do my best to get along with the neighbours except for the old curmudgeon directly below me.
Yesterday while sweeping my balcony I accidentally pushed a small plastic bottle cap onto his balcony - he growled like a dog.

I get on extremely well with the 3-person family on No.7  (4-person family [f you include their dog "Lucky" sometimes gets around in a hammerhead shark costume - or a dress*).

On Sunday afternoon I was rushing my weekly  shopping to get home early to check the rear tyre of my little Mazda 2 parked in the unit carpark -  because I have trouble kneeling or squatting, I hadn't yet been able to detect anything in the tyre to cause the slow leak which had been bugging me.

As I was about to drive home the neighbour phoned me to say that her husband, who takes his tyre service truck home after work, had noticed the tyre was down so he removed an embedded screw and repaired it (free of charge).
It really made my day!

* At least Lucky is female.
My neice sometimes puts a cheap tiara on the family's brave little Jack Russel  "Kelvin", he's happy get around all day wearing it.
Well, brave if he's facing something half his size or smaller, like a mouse.
He barks at people & dogs on the other side of the front fence but one day someone rode a horse slowly past and Kelvinwho hadn't seen a horse before raced inside and hid behind my sister.

Zipper ("G'Day Mate!")
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Monday 3rd July 2017 12:47:04

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Re: Getting on with neighbours

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