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#1 Saturday 1st July 2017 18:03:40

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Invalid question

Hi everyone I just failed my part one . I passed the Hp 63 scored
But failed the multiple choice scored 84 , the pass mark was 85 ! Close but not enough to pass ! On returning home on Friday 30th June I checked one of the questions I was asked in my test ! online ,which was which person can act as an interpreter during a driving test ! Then I was informed by a web page of the daily mail that the use of interpreters was stopped made illegal the day before my test on the 29th June . Therefore the question I was asked was an invalid question as interpreters where no longer in use when I was asked the question on my test ! Surely this error to remove the said question from the question bank is a massive cock up by the Dvsa . I have sent them an email and am awaiting their  replie . So if anybody out there took there adi part 1 test on the 30 June and got this question please contact the Dvsa as in my opinion it's inclusion made the test taken invalid ! Thoughts please ????????


Saturday 1st July 2017 18:03:40

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Re: Invalid question

#2 Sunday 2nd July 2017 08:52:44

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Re: Invalid question

You got the answers to 16 questions wrong. Even if one was in some way historical you should still have known the answer. Perhaps you don't have what it takes to become a driving instructor. Good luck getting a response from the DVSA.


#3 Sunday 2nd July 2017 10:09:38

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Re: Invalid question

Hi Terry,
Welcome to the Forum.
I do think Mentor was a little blunt/harsh in his response but I do see where he is coming from. You should have a thorough knowledge to be able to pass Part 1 rather than scraping through. Not meaning to brag (but maybe a little!) but when I took Part 1 I was regularly getting 98 or 99% when doing mocks so was particiularly pleased when I got 100% on the real test.

In answer to the 'invalid question' be sure that you are using upto date Theory resources and be careful what you read online. Have you checked the date of the online article. Foreign language Interpreters have not been allowed on test since April 2014 and which the article on the mailonline site refers to. (the article I found is dated April2014 though when you read it todays date shows at the top of the page!) 

Keep at it!

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Re: Invalid question

No doubt one of the alternative answers was "none of the above" or words to that effect.


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Re: Invalid question

Interpreters for the deaf can still be used

from the govt website … difficulty:

Using a sign language interpreter

You can take a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreter with you. They must be at least 16 years old.

Your driving instructor can be your interpreter.

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