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#1 Friday 9th June 2017 20:34:20

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Give way lines

With the double white dashed give way lines is the examiner bothered if the front of the car goes up to the first white dashed give way line or the second white dashed give way line whilst waiting to pull out from a side road ?

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Friday 9th June 2017 20:34:20

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Re: Give way lines

#2 Tuesday 13th June 2017 18:02:53

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Re: Give way lines

All that matters, is that the approach is slow enough that you can stop in a safe position if you need to.
This may actually mean stopping before the give way lines on some junctions, or, creeping out past them to get a view on others. Note the term 'creep'.
On some junctions, you may not need to stop, provided that visibility is sufficient in ALL directions, for you to proceed safely.


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