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#1 Monday 22nd May 2017 06:54:59

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Thinking of becoming a driving instructor

Would like some advice about how being a driving instructor really is. How much do you make per year after franchise fee, car, fuel? How many hours do you do per week teaching? Would you recommend It? How true is it that in the first year you hardly make any money? I have seen a few driving school franchise that guarantee your income per year can I trust such an agreement? Any information from genuine driving instructors would be greatly appreciated.


Monday 22nd May 2017 06:54:59

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Re: Thinking of becoming a driving instructor

#2 Monday 22nd May 2017 08:04:58

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Re: Thinking of becoming a driving instructor

I doubt anyone will post exact earnings but yes your earnings could be low if you are paying a franchise fee. Varies massively depending on company/their fee etc. Even if you don't go down the franchise route the first year will be tough. It's not a "get rich quick" scheme but if you develop your business it's possible you can make a decent living in time. Many driving schools "fail" after a year or two.

I do roughly 25/30 hours per week. I have a second job. I personally have a 2 month waiting list for lessons. I live in an area where the average hourly rate is over £25 per hour. So business is currently very good for me personally.

Back to franchise I started with a franchise. It was about getting into the job and building up a business. It certainly wasn't about making a huge profit. It takes time. After one year I went solo and profits slowly started to rise. It won't happen over night.

Would I recommend it? All depends on what type of person you are. It's not easy. Some people become v good instructors. Many fail. Lots to think about.


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Re: Thinking of becoming a driving instructor

No company can guarantee your earnings.
If they claim they can, then run!


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