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#1 Thursday 27th April 2017 21:26:13

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part 3 qualifying process.

Hi all,From what i gather of the new part 3 qualification process it is going to be a lot like the old check test/standards test.As an ex ADI of ten years coming back into the industry am i right in thinking this will make it easier for the likes of us? what i dont get though is will we have to supply a pupil? if we do then surely this is forcing you onto the Trainee license scheme which i dont want to do,i dont feel i will need all that tuition.Surely it would be better for these new rules to come into force for anyone applying for a part one after October and NOT those that are already in the middle of a training programme.


Thursday 27th April 2017 21:26:13

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Re: part 3 qualifying process.

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