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#1 Tuesday 21st March 2017 14:40:45

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getting back in the seat after 5 years off

Hi Guys, 

Thought I would introduce myself, Im Karl.  I qualified as an ADI way back when I was 22 (2005) and spent two years under a franchise and four years on my own, really enjoyed it but circumstances dictated that I was unable to continue and regretfully I let my badge expire.  I am 33 now and going back into the driving tuition.  What a rigmarol it is to start the process again, beacause I still have a personal referance number I need to book all tests via phone instead of net for one hmm .  Currently studying for part 1 ( refreshing ) and playing catchup on all things new and improved in the industry.  Feel free to let me know of any significant changes that has changed in driver training pre and post qualified. 




Tuesday 21st March 2017 14:40:45

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Re: getting back in the seat after 5 years off

#2 Tuesday 21st March 2017 20:51:02

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Re: getting back in the seat after 5 years off

Hi Karl. The only advice I could give would be to crack on with it asap. The part 3 test is likely to change to the new process in the Autumn of 2017. The standards check (previously known as the check test) has changed too and you will need to have a look at the new process for that once you have qualified. Good luck with the tests.


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Re: getting back in the seat after 5 years off

Welcome back to the world of driving instruction Karl. Some things may have changed but teaching people is pretty much the same. I hope you enjoy your return and good luck with your qualifying exams!


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