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Understanding driving culture


I am in my mid to late 30s and started to learn to drive three years ago. When I first started I felt I made major improvements and within 5-6 months I took my first test. I was completely confident and understood what I was doing. I failed my test on one major and zero minors. It really shook me. My instructor at the time said I'd regret not passing that one, and he was right! I took another one and failed dismally (I can't remember why, but I was shaking). My instructor retired, so I drove with a new one, took a test, and failed even more dismally (I started the test without putting my seat belt on, but he failed me on something else).

I then gave up.

Then I tried it again, very briefly, and just felt bored and odd abbot driving, so gave up after two lessons. Now, since January I've started driving again, and I am simply a bad driver. There is nothing else to say. Unlike three years ago, I simply no longer understand driving. Every situation at junctions and roundabouts seem ambiguous to me. My new instructor says I am too scared and nervous, but that isn't even the case anymore. I simply have lost the ability to read any situation. Nothing seems obvious to me. Whether this is a deliberate blocking mechanism on my part, I don't know. Nor do I really know how to address it.

I take one lesson a week. I am close to giving up completely, knowing that if I do, that's it forever. We have a child and we're thinking of another baby, so I could do with the licence, but I just feel a million miles away. My theory test has lapsed of course and I haven't even begun to think about that.

Any tips on how to think your way into driving culture would be helpful. Shall I take a week off work and do one of those intensive courses where you drive the whole time? Any advice would be welcome for a dispirited learner.


Monday 6th March 2017 21:35:25

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Re: Understanding driving culture

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Re: Understanding driving culture

Sadly you won't get much help here. Almost 50 views on a post from 2 days ago but no replies. Instructors have a quick read but rarely post. Once of a day you would have had 20 responses by now. No one can be arsed. Most prefer to scroll through FB.

With regard to your post it's a tough one. In your situation you need the correct instructor. Not all instructors are the same and one grade A instructor is not necessary as good as another. You need a specialist and finding the correct instructor in your area might not be easy. Where are you based just out of interest??

Just to illustrate my point I recently helped a pupil who had not driven for 20 years. She'd tried various instructors who had all basically not really helped. None had certainly got here anywhere near test standard. One had basically told her she would never pass. Anyway she passed with me after 6 months and 2 tests and now drives daily.


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