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#1 Saturday 25th February 2017 12:09:54

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Changing the 'test'

One of my more mature pupils took her test last week and was very, very nervous which almost certainly affected the result.  She mentioned to me on the way back home that perhaps the test should be called an assessment rather than a test as it makes it less scary.  Not something I had ever considered before - what do you guys think?


Saturday 25th February 2017 12:09:54

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Re: Changing the 'test'

#2 Saturday 25th February 2017 13:26:41

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Re: Changing the 'test'

Years ago when conducting driver training/ assessing on Australia's certificate system*, we were supposed to call them Assessments not tests.
In the same vein, one did not Fail (ugh, that awful "F-word"), one was "Not Yet Competent", and a pass, of course, was referred to as "Competent".
It was thus officially recorded on all official paperwork associated with the system.

It was meant to be less imposing - normally I find PC (political correctness) to be irritating but I didn't mind in this case; anything that eased test nerves** was a help.
We are now back to the driving Test being Passed or Failed on the marking sheet although there's a nod in the direction of PC in that there are ticks, circles and horizontal lines, but no crosses*** anywhere because crosses are too negative.
And we are to say the words "Congratulations you were Successful" or "Unfortunately you were Unsuccessful" when giving the result - again I don't mind as it does sound a little bit less nasty than saying "You Passed" or"You Failed",
The MVR are very strict that we follow this convention, if we send in a video of a test where the debriefing used different words we are reprimanded.

* The system whereby we could officially train AND test - sorry, assess - our own students was so badly taken advantage of by the NT's unethical & incompetent ADIs that the NT hastily dropped it after a few years.

** I remember years ago on this forum, using a concoction called Rescue Remedy was discussed among UK instructors.
I didn't dare recommend it to my students because I understand it has a small amount of alcohol and our ZBAC (Zero Blood Alcohol) limit for NT novice drivers is very strict, I would have been hung drawn quartered eighthed and sixteenthed (minced) if caught doing it. tongue

*** We instructors giving tests have been told by the MVR that ink dots on the page are also NOT acceptable.  roll

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#3 Sunday 26th February 2017 12:48:28

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Re: Changing the 'test'

Whatever you call it, someone is watching you and that's the scary part which affects nerves.  Even the DVSA call it a test.  Can't see how calling it anything else makes it easier.


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