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#1 Saturday 17th December 2016 15:35:27

From: Brackley
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Hi ORDIT premsies

HI I am keen to become ordit registered. I am a little perplexed with the criteria. If somebody could clarify:

To become ORDIT registered the application for premises inspection needs to satisfy the registrar. I plan to work 1-2-1, and do not wish/plan to get offices. When they say premises for classroom facilities; is it compulsory to have an office, or can you do it remotely online? 1-2-1 in the car? This is the route I plan to take. But, what do they class as premises? I have a large house with an office dedicated to my work. Would this be satisfactory? Or would I need to get an office even though I don't plan on having a base as such?

I am completely confused?


Saturday 17th December 2016 15:35:27

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Re: Hi ORDIT premsies

#2 Saturday 17th December 2016 17:09:58

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Re: Hi ORDIT premsies

I would save your money, complete waste of time, the register has no credibility.

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