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#1 Friday 12th August 2016 11:41:55

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New starter any help welcome

Hi all...
New to this so looking for support. Next month will have the 2k needed to pay for the ldc course. As i had a dbs went on .gov site and registered as trainee instructor.
What should i do next (apart from read and practice the HP test n highway code)
Want to pack my job in asap to do this full time as hate my office 9-5 job,
I am in leeds all comments welcome


Friday 12th August 2016 11:41:55

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Re: New starter any help welcome

#2 Sunday 14th August 2016 13:04:26

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Re: New starter any help welcome

Welcome to the forum Jonathan, let me be honest, it may be a while before you can pack your job in, training for this job takes time. Be under no illusion there will be days when you don't want to go to work doing this job, it has it's downfalls believe me.
Cancellations, living your life by an ever changing diary, plus dealing with very fickle, thoughtless and often unreliable pupils.
The job itself can be a good one but it has its days, just like any job!
What can you do to help yourself?, as you have mentioned study the theory, think about your driving, it's going to change, like it or not, you may have to adjust certain things you do with your driving.
Financially, think about how many hours you are going to need to pay your present bills, you need to also take into account fuel for your car when teaching (I use approximately £100 a week). Expect cancellations you need to budget for them, people will tell you to charge those who cancel, you won't always be able to get the money out of them.
Start getting used to your voice in the car, talk yourself through roundabouts and junctions when you are driving now, that's what you will be doing when you are teaching.
If you can, try and go to the test centre, see if you can chat with other instructors, get a flavour for what the work is like in the area, drive around, look to see where most of the L plate cars go, nursery routes are used by most of the local instructors.
Buy the book "Driving the Essential Skills", I found it invaluable.
Good luck, keep posting on here for advice, their are some damn good instructors on this forum who know the business inside out!


#3 Monday 15th August 2016 19:18:09

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Re: New starter any help welcome

Welcome Jonathan,

Please take on board what Evan said and remember you are on the first steps of being a self employed business man unless you are one of the few who have secured an employed position (there's not many of them).

Being your own boss, the good news is that you can have as many days off you want, the bad news is you just don't get paid for them, I went for about 20 years before I had a proper holiday.

If you have not already done so please ensure you write out a full business plan you need to know what your costs are going to be, find out how much you will charge your customers establish what income you require to not just live but to also enjoy things, also factor in your emergency plans i.e. sickness / vehicle off the road ect.

I'm now in my 34th year and still enjoy it but like Evan said it has it's bad days several times I've considered changing but the one thing that I've always enjoyed is working with my customers even the challenging ones.

Good luck

Even when things go wrong you can learn from them


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