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#1 Friday 10th June 2016 15:11:45

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Hello to all,

What is Some of you may have seen us in the last two editions of First Car magazine, which is distributed through test centers, we provide insurance against excess that comprehensive insurers insist on when you make a claim.

Your profession, age, experience and location all factor into how much compulsory excess an insurer applies to your policy. Many people increase their voluntary excess in return for a cheaper quote but its naive to think you will never have a claim. Do your pupils know they will have to find £100's towards repairs or have it deducted from a total loss payment? Has your insurer insisted on a high excess because of your profession?

We started providing excess insurance because our children started to drive and the only way to gain affordable comprehensive cover was to elect for a high excess, £800 for a 21 year old driving a Ford Transit and Citroen DS3 driven by a 21 year old with a £900 excess for example.

We have vast experience of dealing with accident and total loss claims through other parts of our business and we believe a large number of drivers are put off getting their vehicles repaired due to not being able to afford their excess. They are likely to have temporary or poor standard repairs completed, increasing the risk of further accidents and injuries.

We look forward to being able to help you in anyway we can through these forums. Thank you for taking the time to read our post and we invite any feedback you have on our product or website


Friday 10th June 2016 15:11:45

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#2 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 12:35:56

Think Insurance
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Hi, I have just read through your post. We offer similar things on our Convicted Driver Insurance and Motor Trade Insurance, but only as part of the insurance package. I think what you have set up is a brilliant idea, especially for younger drivers!

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