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Failed my Part 3 today 1st attempt

Well guys, I failed my part 3 sad

I got PST5 emergency stop & mirrors to start with. She actually brought another examiner with her so now I had 2 of them in the car. So I started talking to the examiner about setting up the mirrors and the difference between the glass and she quickly told me that she had already covered all that with her so I moved on to asking her which mirrors she would check for turning left and then for turning right and she got those perfect straight away so I asked if did she understand the MSM routine, She got bit wrong so I corrected her there and then, all going quite well I though. So I outlined that we would now move off and on the way to the site where we would do the estop I would be watching how she used the mirrors and her general driving. She immediately pulled her seat forward and drove off. I waited until we were away from double yellows and such like and asked her to pull over and at that point I told her that I noticed she pulled her seat forward and got her to check her mirrors again. We then continued on and I was checking her use of mirrors. She was perfect with her mirrors so I didnt mention anything.

We then found a place to stop and I did a quick recap on the mirrors and the importance of getting them st up after moving her seat. I then gave a brief on estop, why we do it, how we do it, talked about ABS and Cadence braking and such like and then explianed what signal I would be using and what to do once we had stopped and before moving away. We then did a quick practice and she ignored my instruction, so I reiterated what I would do and she seemed to ignore me again. So I told her a 3rd time and she did the brakes but slowly. By now I was getting the impression she wanted to move on so I said we would give it a go on the move perhaps really slowly at first 10mph and told her to press clutch and brake this time because it might stall. I gave the signal and she checked the centre mirror and braked as if at a junction. I then told her to secure car and we had I told her about not checking her mirrors. I then asked to move off. She looked all arounf but 'apparently' didn't check her BS. I then tried the stop again and once more she used the mirror and braked to slowly. I told her that you need to be really quick and not use the mirrors. I then explained why not to use the mirrors such as ho far she would travel in the time it took to check mirrors. We tried again and once again she did the mirrors and braked slowly. By now I am wondering what I was missing. She was braking quick enough, hard enough and was using mirrors. So we pulled over and had a chat about the importance of not using mirrors and be quick on the brakes. I am thinking by now, lets sort this bit out and get onto the amount of braking afterwards. Anyway we carried on and this time I gave her no warning just said stop and she did it properly. I pulled her over and gave her plenty of praise and talked to her about how much better that last one was. That was then the end of that.

Phase 2 the examiner gave me tyhe word picture (FLH, 30 yrs driving, new company giving her driving assessment) and said she needed help with progress and positioning and did I have any questions. So I said we are doing progress and positioning only and she said yes. Ok I thought and asked her "so what problems have you been having?" she replied "nothing really but I havent driven for few years so I am a bit nervous" so we set off. Straight away I noticed her position was all wrong so I asked her to tell me how she was positioning in the road and what she thought was best. She said "I have to be over to the left" I explained that she needed to be a metre from the kerb and did she know what a metre was "oh is that about a yard?" Ok, yes its about the width of a car door. She didnt move over. At the first roundabout she hesitated and I am thinking to myself, should I mention this because she didnt say anything about it in the WP. I let it slide as she was an FLH and you need to be more leniant with FLH. We then talked about a reference point on the dashboard for being 1 meter out after I got her into position. At this point I noticed her speed was very slow so I asked her about the speed limits. She gave the correct answer so I asked her what the dangers were of holding up the traffic. We talked a bit about angry drivers and wanting to overtake us and such like. The next roundabout she was hesitant again so I asked what she was waiting for. She said "just waiting for this lorry to be safe" I replied that safety was good but e need to look for those opportunities to progress.

We then went out onto country roads and I asked her about the speed limit (60) and she was doing 38, I then went over the dangers of driving too slow and she asked me "so you want me to speed up a bit" I said "Yes, as long as your comfortable lets get that speed up closer to the 60mph. Then she started drifting left again so back to her reference point. We then turned into a narrower road and I explained that on this road we could use a different reference point because we would have enough room to leave 1m. We could use the mirrors to get us central by checking the grass verge was at a similar distance away than the white line (I actually slipped up here and she though I meant both grass verges so I quickly corrected that). I then went back to trying to correct her speed. This road is 60mph so is it safe to get your speed up. "Well I just passed a tractor sign so I am being extra careful" I says "OK, can you see any tractors on the road", "No", "and can you see the road ahead is clear?" , "Yes", so dont you agree we can safely get up to around 60mph. "So you want me to speed up?", "Yes as long as your comfortable to do so, we w=should speed up". At this point no cars were following us so I wasn't pushing it too much (big mistake) We then moved onto the dual carriageway so I asked about her speed here and she said 70, so I said we could get upto 70 although there was plenty of room here for vehicles to pass us here.

As we approached the next roundabout I though I would try and see why she was being hesitant so I asked her where she was looking as we approached the roundabout, and do we need to stop this time. She answered correctly and didn't hesitate. On the next road she started to drift to the left again so I asked about her reference point which she pointed to (I let that slide as she was an FLH). I talked a bit about the reference point and if we had it right and whether it should move over a bit to the left bringing her out a bit further to a safer road position. We were then at the end of phase 2 where she asked me to assess whether she would be ok with her new job assessment. I went through working on the reference point and that she was still driving too slowly and what dangers that would pose. She ended the test and went off into the office. I was thinking back over it all and thinking its gotta be worth a 4.

She then came back and told me I had not passed. Although I spotted the faults with her braking on the estop I never told her how hard to press the brake. When she pulled away after the stop she didnt check her BS (although I was sure she did but I probably did miss it lol) . My briefings were great and covered everything but I didnt push her enough to do what I was saying. On the phase 2 I never pulled her up about the hesitancy, I poited out that she never told me to and that I asked at the beginning when she said progress and position only. The other examiner chipped in with "Yes but its on the sheet and apart from that I should be picking up on everything I see NOT just the topics. I told him I was a bit uncertain of that because it was an FLH of 30 years and therefore we need to be more leniant. His reply was "yes of course you shouldn't be nit-pickey with an FLH but just think to yourself, would I have driven like that? If not then mention it" which is fair comment I guess.

Anyway, onwards and upwards I say. I am now wondering whether to change my trainer just to get another perspective as my current trainer kept telling me "If you see them do it correctly then don't mention it" and thats what I did in Phase 1 with the mirrors. My current trainer is a really nice guy and he has a great track record with learners but I watched a few video's online from Tony Curran, Chris Deane and Helen Adams and they were saying to do things that my trainer advised me not and if I had done them I am sure I would have passed. Positive not: I got to 6's for communication and two 4's for my character smile

So what do you guys think I should do next? Trainee badge or straight in for another test. I am thinking I still need a few more lessons from another perspective and I am tempted for the trainee badge but being 3/3 I am pretty close to getting a pass I feel also??????????????????


Monday 23rd May 2016 18:45:50

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Re: Failed my Part 3 today 1st attempt

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Re: Failed my Part 3 today 1st attempt

Sorry to hear you didn't pass this time, it's not easy sometimes to give the SE what they expect and with 2 of them harder still.
From what you say in your post it is likely you missed something on her use of the mirrors on the move, was she really checking the correct ones at the correct time and frequency. If she was doing it correctly you needed to say so with a "I liked how you checked your left mirror there before moving over", type of thing.
On the Emergency stop you do need to emphasise how hard to brake and the result of braking too hard and not hard enough. Also to explain the need to check both blind spots, left then right before moving off and when it is necessary to signal.

On the Phase 2 you need to be a bit harder, doesn't matter that they are supposed to be a FLH. The Hesitation has a direct bearing on Progress so it is immaterial if they tell you at the beginning they only want to concentrate on progress and positioning. Fix what you see!

I can't advise on whether you should change trainer or not, and I never believed in the trainee badge system as much help in passing the part 3 but I do wish you luck with your next attempt whatever you decide.


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