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Can old cars or their owners get dementia?

Can old cars or their owners get dementia?

My 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.4L automatic has nearly 240,000km (150,000m) on the clock and is showing its age - like its owner.

The paintwork is bleaching especially the bits exposed to the sun most, and the clear plastic coating on the rear lid spoiler is peeling.
This is akin to wrinkled blotched skin on an old person.

Occasionally the engine idles roughly and refuses to respond to the accelerator; requiring a shutdown, pause, and re-start to get it working properly again.
This is akin to occasional ticker (heart) problems in old people.

And the automatic "climate control" definitely shows signs of dementia - the aircon switches off at certain fan speed positions and the actual fan speed is nothing to do with switch position either, alternating from "barely idling and causing everyone to sweat profusely" to suddenly blowing toupees into the back seat.
Akin to brain problems through ageing (e.g. dementia).

Though some behaviour is still normal e.g. it cringes and cowers at the back of the carport on the rare occasions I approach it with a bucket of sudsy water or a vacuum cleaner.

So, which needs replacing - ancient car or ancient owner?
Insincere answers on the back of a post card please and send to "Local Sewer System via Flushing, Cornwall".

Please be careful with your answers.
Don't make me go to the UK and swing my walking frame at you!
Or remove my false teeth, and holding them with arm extended, bite you on the knee! (did I say I've shrunk considerably the last few years?).

Zipper ("G'Day Mate!")
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Wednesday 27th April 2016 10:44:34

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Re: Can old cars or their owners get dementia?

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