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New to forum - contemplating ADI Career

Hello - my name is Doug. I have joined this forum as I am seriously contemplating trying to become an ADI. I am coming to the end of a 30 year police career which is somewhat focusing my attention. I consider myself to be an OK driver and drove response vehicles 20 years ago prior to joining CID. I have recently helped my daughter get through her test and in the process of doing so have enjoyed driving again for the first time in many a year. I like the idea of instilling safe driving into new drivers and wondered if I could make the ADI route one for me.

I have started reading the relevant DVSA books and understand the training / qualification process. I have registered my interest with the large companies and looked at some local options too. l havn't committed to anything yet but I am looking to be qualified if at all possible by Feb 17.

So - up for any advice.

Specific questions I have are:

If I start with a company on a full time basis - what am l going to be clearing after overheads , fuel etc.

If I went with a large training set up, anyone want to suggest which one and why?

(Smart driving seem financially attractive and claim to be different from other national set ups - thoughts?)

I live on the Hampshire,Sussex,Surrey border. Any independent trainers out there you could recommend.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and any advice you may have.


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Thursday 3rd March 2016 21:44:57

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Re: New to forum - contemplating ADI Career

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