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Reverse round corner


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Thursday 5th November 2015 22:51:30

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Re: Reverse round corner

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Re: Reverse round corner

When you stop before and pass the corner to be reversed around you can assess how sharp it is. A 90 degree or sharp corner may require full lock whereas a gentler more sweeping corner will require less steering. On a very sharp corner, your start position should be further away from the kerb enabling you to steer before your point of turn which is when you rear wheel is at the last straight kerbstone.
The first link is a sharp corner as it is a sharp L shape and will require almost or full steering lock. A sweeping corner has the 90 degree angle rounded off and requires less steering.

An examiner is looking for 2 things on a reverse manoeuvre, Observations AND Accuracy. There is nothing wrong with using the left mirror unless it is at the expense of all round observations. The left mirror is in fact essential to judge accuracy and I would suggest pausing when using it which will allow all round observations and you can also adjust your steering if you are going nearer or further away from the kerb.

If you don't understand your instructors advice ask him to explain in another way. If it is clear you don't understand his method he should be showing you a different method automatically. You could also ask him to do a demonstration. This can be especially useful to demonstrate how slowly you actually have to go.

The best advise I can give is to reverse VERY slowly and PAUSE which will allow you to look around without hitting the kerb or going wide and adjust your steering to go nearer or further away from the kerb. Most reversing faults in my experience are caused by going too fast and not pausing which makes for poor observations and accuracy.

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